nutrition superstars

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Julie Kuliecza

Professional Road Cyclist

Julie has been racing road bikes at the professional level in the USA and abroad since 2014. She currently serves as super domestique and dancing machine for Hagens Berman I Supermint UCI-Registered Women's Professional Cycling Team.

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Ben Van Treese

National-level Water Skier, Rock Climber

An elite-level water skier,  passionate rock climber, and strength and mobility coach. Ben placed 4th overall in USA Waterski Nationals in 2014 and now focuses on his rock climbing game with a goal of soloing El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. He is also a USAW Level 1 Sport Performance coach. 

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 photo credit: WCPO

photo credit: WCPO

Amy Robillard

Elite Runner, BE Elite Athlete

As a lifelong athlete, Amy has not only obtained elite-level running status but also super coach status. In just 2016 she won the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 2016 and Hyde Park Blast 4 mile AND qualified for Olympic Trials Marathon with 2:44:10. She is also a USA Swim Coach and a high school cross country coach.

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 photo: Katie Busick

photo: Katie Busick

Rhys May

Elite Cyclocross Racer


Rhys has been racing UCI (international) level cyclocross as a member of Jam Fund's Elite team since 2016. She is working towards racing in World Cups one day, and in her spare time runs her own metalsmithing business. 

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Christy Zwolski

Professional Soccer Player

Christy is a professional soccer player with D1 collegiate, national, and international experience. She currently plays for the Cincinnati Sirens in the Women's Premier Soccer League. While she's not playing soccer, she is a sports medicine Physical Therapist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital as well as a recreational cyclist rock climber, hiker , and yogi.


liz cole.jpg

Liz Cole

Crossfit Games Athlete

Introduced to Crossfit in 2011, Liz has worked her way up the ranks and qualified for the 2017 Crossfit Games in the 60+ age group. She also teaches a daily 5am Crossfit class and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

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Working with Kristen has been a game changer for my recovery while in heavy training. Eating more of the right foods and nailing the timing fluid intake has helped me train smarter and train harder consistently. Truly understanding how easy it is to make little changes that result in big improvements was mind blowing to me. I have enjoyed working with Kristen and look forward to continually seeing what my body can really do when fueled right.
— Amy Robillard
Thanks to Kristen, I was able to tackle the fueling challenges of a multi-day tournament. I’ve never felt or performed better than I did during this year’s 1st place finish.

Employing the customized hydration plan has significantly improved how I feel on my training days, particularly during lactate threshold training.
— Christy Zwolski
Working with Kristen through her Athlete Assessment, hydration plan, and event nutrition has revolutionized my performance. I have been able to maintain the lean physique critical to rock climbing while simultaneously improving my strength and energy levels.
— Ben Van Treese
Working with Kristen helped me break through a weight loss plateau that had frustrated me for more than a year. Getting those last few pounds off with Kristen really boosted my self-confidence—no more so than this past weekend, when I felt good about myself getting into the awkward looking required singlet for my first weightlifting competition. Thanks, Kristen!
— Cheryl Peterson