Kristen Arnold RDN, LD, MS
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I am available via phone, skype, Google Hangouts, or facetime for all consults.

I am available to my clients at all times by email to answer any questions or concerns, between appointments.
Not sure what makes the most sense for you? Contact me and we can talk about it.

Initial Consult

The first step, a comprehensive health, lifestyle, & nutritional assessment where you will get a map of where you are going and how you will get there with evidence-based recommendations of how best to meet your personal nutrition needs.

Follow-Up Consult

A Review of progress and continued nutrition education.

A la Carte Performance Nutrition

Tailored nutrition services to enhance your athletic performance.

Weight Management Packages

The guidance you've been waiting for to meet your weight goal.

Athlete’s Best Package

A thorough assessment and science-based recommendations needed to perform best in your chosen sport(s).

Team Talks

Nutritional recommendations and more for a team of any type, athletic or workplace.