Here are a few athletes I have worked with to cultivate their personal bests.

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Nick Norman

Nick is a professional soccer player currently on Ocean City Nor’easters. In 2017 at the Midwest PRO Soccer Combine he was recognized as the ‘top pro prospect’ with high level experience as a #3. He is coming off international experience with Grythyttans IF where he made 11 starts with the Sweedish 4th Division Club.

"At the professional level, you have to do whatever it takes to get a competitive advantage and working with Kristen has given me the opportunity to perform at peak levels day in and day out."

— Nick Norman, Professional Soccer Player

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Jack Lohmann

Jack is a competitive pack burro racer. Pack Burro Racing is Colorado's summer heritage sport which began in 1949 ( It involves teams of racers and burros completing a course over high country trails and roads (no riding allowed!).  A typical race (and training run) is about 10-12 miles with altitudes ranging from 8,000-11,000 feet; however, the two longest races are Fairplay, 29 miles, and Leadville, 21 miles, both starting at 10,000 ft and ascending to 13,185 feet and back. Although I watched my first race as a young boy in 1956, I didn't start participating as a burro racer until 2017; thus, I am among a few 'senior' racers.  

“Kristen's professional counsel has been a tremendous help in boosting my energy to run these races as well as providing me with a better lifestyle diet.”

—Jack Lohmann, Competitive Pack Burro Racer



“Thanks to Kristen, I was able to tackle the fueling challenges of a multi-day tournament. I’ve never felt or performed better than I did during this year’s 1st place finish.

Employing the customized hydration plan has significantly improved how I feel on my training days, particularly during lactate threshold training.”

—Christy Zwolski, Professional Indoor Soccer Player


Working with Kristen helped me break through a weight loss plateau that had frustrated me for more than a year. Getting those last few pounds off with Kristen really boosted my self-confidence—no more so than this past weekend, when I felt good about myself getting into the awkward looking required singlet for my first weightlifting competition. Thanks, Kristen!

—Cheryl Peterson, regional master’s weight lifting athlete

Working with Kristen through her athlete’s nutrition plan, hydration protocol, and competition day nutrition plan has revolutionized my performance. I have been able to maintain the lean physique critical to rock climbing while simultaneously improving my strength and energy levels.

—Ben VanTreese, Personal Trainer national-level water skier and advanced rock climber